UPDATE | Sydney Craft Week is now over for 2017. SAVE THE DATE FOR 2018!
Friday 5 - Sunday 14 October 2018.


What is Sydney Craft Week?

Led by the Australian Design Centre and supported by an advisory group of craft sector professionals, Sydney Craft Week brings together contemporary crafts organisations and individuals in a celebration of craft across the city as part of a ten-day festival from Friday 6 to Sunday 15 October 2017.

Why Sydney Craft Week?

Sydney Craft Week is a platform for shining the spotlight on all the marvellous makers doing their thing across Sydney. Lots of cities have a craft week and we thought ‘why not Sydney?’. There is immense talent, grit and determination, creativity and activity going on in this city that we need to celebrate, nurture and grow.

What is the inspiration for Sydney Craft Week?

The makers. From those with decades of making experience to those just starting out, makers are all around us, and our passion and reason for being is to introduce audiences and buyers to their work. We also want to show people that there are all sorts of opportunities to learn new making skills and develop their own practice.

When is Sydney Craft Week?

Sydney has a crowded calendar so we looked at what is planned and selected October 6 to 15. We hope to make Sydney Craft Week a much-loved part of the cultural calendar but also an event that offers year-long support to all the amazing events and activities that makers generate throughout the year.

Why is the Australian Design Centre (ADC) launching Sydney Craft Week?

ADC has been around for more than fifty years. Our foundation is in craft. With such a rich history in craft that threads through our exhibitions, retail activities and publishing, we feel we are well placed to take a lead role. Having said this, Sydney Craft Week is not about us, but about the diverse community of makers in our beautiful city whose hands weave, hammer, throw, bend, twist, fire, decorate, create and problem-solve day in, day out, right across the greater Sydney area.

What is happening in Sydney Craft Week?

A range of events, including exhibitions, talks, workshops, live demonstrations, markets and retail events, open studios, interactive or immersive installations, cross-disciplinary projects, and projects that incorporate food and/or drink, or otherwise engage the senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell).

Where is Sydney Craft Week?

Sydney Craft Week will be staged across inner and greater Sydney locations as far west as the mountains and across to Wollongong. We are not limited by geography and flexible with the boundaries of the Greater Sydney area. More information will be included in the online and printed program.

How do I find out what’s on?

The events on the home page of this website provides a full guide to everything that's happening, or you can view the print program by clicking on "Guide" above to view and print. Follow @sydneycraftweek on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for alerts on what’s happening.

Is it free to attend?

Sydney Craft Week invites all residents and visitors to experience Sydney’s vibrant craft scene. Most events are free to enter, with ticketed events managed by host organisations and venues. Check listing and details for each event online before you head out.


Sydney Craft Week is an Australian Design Centre initiative.