Artwork_ Brittany Johnson, Heritage Series_ Side Plate, 2018, Brittany Johnson

The Way It Was by Province of Brittany

The Way It Was is an exhibition consisting of ceramic sculptural forms, domestic ware and jewellery. The works are reminiscent of Brittany Johnson's childhood spent in Central Queensland, with each piece exploring a specific memory: Weekends spent catching butterflies in the garden with the net stolen from the fish tank cleaning cupboard. Racing down hot sand dunes. Plucking snails from rockpools. Icy cups from the school canteen. Afternoons spent training Nikki, the pet budgie to whistle along to The Simpsons theme song. Calmness. Freedom to play. Time to explore. Finding pleasure in the everyday and seemingly insignificant. That's the way it was. Brittany Johnson is an emerging Sydney maker. A trained ceramic artist and jeweller, she also works in basketry, resin art, textile dyeing and screen printing along with linoleum block printing.

Details: Friday 11 October Thursday 24 October

Images: Brittany Johnson, Heritage Series, Tri Foot Beakers, 2018. Photo: Brittany Johnson; Brittany Johnson, Heritage Series, Side Plate, 2018. Photo: Brittany Johnson