Vintage meets high-tech by Anna-Lisa Backlund

Vintage meets high-tech is a retail pop-up collaboration between West Elm LOCAL and artist Anna-Lisa Backlund for Sydney Craft Week. These homewares and accessories combine a love of new technology and history. Vases are 3D printed at home, then hand painted with marbled epoxy resin. They come in three colourways, lime-green, tangerine-orange and smokey grey, all inspired by Bakelite pieces from the 1950s. The jewellery mixes 3D printed beads with vintage findings sourced from the Czech Republic, Asia and Hawaii. New biodegradable 3D thermoplastics are strung together with retro plastics as well as brass, wood and glass. Each piece is made at home in Bondi.

Details: Friday 6 October, 10am – 4pm

Image: Styling by Georgia Dolling. Photo by Joe Fisilshie. Courtesy Anna-Lisa Backlund.