Textile Circuit Flora. Image courtesy of Bobbin and Ink

Techstyle Tinker Time!

Be a change-maker! Come along for a trip to the crafty, tech-filled future with Bobbin and Ink. In this 2-hour workshop, you're invited to tinker with basic electronic components, get a little insight into how they work and understand how they can be used in different textile and fibre applications. Discover examples of experimental and mainstream tech currently being used in fashion and textiles. Learn some very basic circuit theory and get a chance to apply this to a mini textile circuit project of your own. 

This speedy little workshop will be a lot of fun for anyone with a general interest in science, tech, fashion and textiles. The aim is to fill you with plenty of ideas, questions and confidence to start creating your own tech/style projects. What does the future hold for fashion? Let's find out!

Details: Sunday 11 October, check website for event times; Craft Up Late: Thursday 15 October, 5 – 8pm 


Workshop, Live Demonstration, Craft Up Late

Digital Craft, Fashion, Fibre arts, Printmaking, Technology, Change Makers

Image: Textile Circuit Flora. Image courtesy of Bobbin and Ink