Image: Katharine Mahoney, Stoneware Dishes, 2017. Photo by Greg Piper. Courtesy Kerrie Lowe Gallery.

TableTalk 2017 at Kerrie Lowe Gallery

TableTalk presents practical ceramics that are beautiful to behold and a delight to use; handmade tableware by Australian ceramicists from all around the country covering everything from breakfast bowls, plates and platters to mugs, jugs, teapots and table lamps. The show presents examples of practical ceramics, from fine translucent porcelain to strong earthy tones of stoneware, and earthenware cups and bowls with hand-painted decoration. A feature of the show will be a range of alternative coffee cups made to take to the barista – part of the war on waste to avoid using paper/plastic cups that can't be recycled.

Artists include: Maggie Paradysz, Peter Wilson, Louise Martiensen, Arun Sharma, Katherine Mahoney, Hilary Jones, Maryke Henderso Jen Lyall, Susie McMeekin, Denise McDonald, Tamsin Pepper, Len Cook, Chester Nealie, Tamasin Pepper, Aleida Pullar, Steve Sheridan, Natalie Velthuyzen, Christine Wallace, Anna Kaineder, Sooty Welsh.

Details: Friday 22 September – Tuesday 17 October

Image: Peter Wilson, Porcelain Bowl, 2017. Photo: Greg Piper

Image: Katharine Mahoney, Stoneware Dishes, 2017. Photo Greg Piper