Sustainable Basketry Workshop, Ainsley Warner

Sustainable Basket Weaving with Wild Fibres Basketry

Basket weaving is a creative, social and meditative experience. As any maker will tell you, being mindful throughout the creative process is just as important as the finished product. Basketry is no different. Putting down our phones, turning off the screens and stepping away from the demands and rush of everyday life to simply sit, connect and share with others through weaving is a beautiful way to incorporate mindfulness and creativity into our lives. 

This Sustainable Basket Weaving workshop will combine traditional coil weaving practices with sustainability. You will find a new way to be more creative with your sustainability practices by re-purposing regular plastic bags and other materials into functional and beautiful sculptural objects. 

As well as much individual support, each person will receive their own Wild Fibres pack which includes a chenille needle, fibres directory and step-by-step guide to coil weaving. You will also walk away with the skills to weave any form you desire. 

Details: Saturday 6 October, 11am – 3pm

Images: Ainsley Warner, Cobalt Coils, 2016. Photo: Ainsley Warner; Sustainable Basketry Workshop, 2018. Photo: Ainsley Warner