Regine Schwarzer, neckpiece Septarian Nodule - 2019 - Regine Schwarzer

Structura (patterns, shapes and structures) an exhibition by Regine Schwarzer

An exhibition of new contemporary jewellery by South Australian artist Regine Schwarzer. Regine's practice is underpinned by a continual exploration of the possibilities offered by natural occurrences such as rocks, minerals and landscape formations and by engaging with them in various ways. She uses minerals and rocks in cut and uncut form, cutting the stones herself and create metal objects to adorn body and space by discovering, deconstructing, assembling and interpreting these shapes and patterns, and engaging and examining their crystalline structure through various metal constructions. Her ongoing interest in the colours, shapes and patterns occurring in the environment she lives, draws her attention to seed pods, barks and dried plant samples and their family groupings.

Details: Thursday 26 September – Sunday 13 October


Images: Regine Schwarzer, Decrespignite - Parapatoo mine SA, 2019. Photo: Regine Schwarzer; Regine Schwarzer, neckpiece Septarian Nodule, 2019. Photo: Regine Schwarzer