Stanley Street Gallery

Rachel Timmins: Unexpected Companions and Zoe Brand: Break it to me Gently exhibition

Rachel Timmins: Unexpected Companions exhibition: Metamorphosis and mutants, recovering value in the devalued, and finding comfort through building a place to belong are concepts that are prominently featured in Rachel’s wearable work and in how she chooses to live her life. Many of her works include soft textures and vibrant colour. Rachel’s strange adornments use materials and forms that are familiar to the general public, creating an accessible point of departure to understand the work. She uses both humour and irony in her pieces and strives for her works to create a push-pull feeling between the viewer and the objects. Rachel’s current work demonstrates how our experiences can consume and change us into something that we never knew we could be.

Zoe Brand: Break it to me Gently exhibition: Zoe Brand often draws from her own life for inspiration; she presents her work from an everyman perspective. Using everyday phrases and materials that become ambiguous in meaning when the context of display changes from wall to body, and back again. For Break it to me gently, Brand offers the audience the comic/tragic narrative into the thoughts of everyone who has ever wanted something, and what happens when you don’t or maybe worse, do finally get it. "I make jewellery that uses jewellery archetypes, ready mades and text to explore the performative nature of jewellery as a device for communication. I am concerned with finding language that can describe both the object or the idea of the object, as well as the person who might wear the piece.” Zoe Brand.

Details: Wednesday 4 October – Saturday 28 October, Opening Thursday 5 October 6–8pm

Images: Squeaker series, by Rachel Timmins; Break it to me Gently, Zoe Brand. Photos: Courtesy Stanley Street Gallery

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