Bowl of Yarn 2018, Yucille Sullaphen

Playing with yarn and sticks or hooks with the Knitters' Guild NSW Inc

Come and play with a new technique or pick up a nifty trick at our Techniques Turntable. The Inner-City group of Knitters’ Guild NSW will be presenting mini workshops and demonstrations for a range of skill levels. Think of it as a kind of crafty speed dating! Bring your knitting or crochet, learn a little about the Guild and enjoy some social time while members share their most recent projects at Show and Tell. The Knitters’ Guild has 26 groups throughout the state. Members can attend meetings anywhere as well as participating in workshops and major events such as camps, conferences and fibre festivals. 

Details: Saturday 12 October, 11am 1pm

Contact for further details or visit for more information on the Knitters’ Guild NSW

Images: Knitted Shawls, 2018. Photo: Yucille Sullaphen; Bowl of Yarn, 2018. Photo: Yucille Sullaphen