SEO for Artists and Craftspeople

Optimising your ecommerce site, for artists and artisans by LoveAndWest

Search engines and customers reward a site that works well and delivers great value for users. Google's drive is people first, so making a site that will talk to your audience and make them stay on your site, eating up your beautiful work, is what Google rewards. This workshop aims to help reduce the overwhelm of search engine optimisation. It doesn't aim to make you rank #1 for your chosen search terms. It aims to clarify what Google is looking for and may reward on your eCommerce site. I will describe what Google is seeking and help you think of new ways to approach product descriptions, categories and image naming.

Details: Tuesday 15 October, 6pm – 9pm, $110

Images: Jude Love. Photo: Michael Wee; SEO for Artists and Craftspeople. Photo courtesy LoveAndWest