Making in Pieces

Making in Pieces by Donna Sgro and Cecilia Heffer

This exhibition presents the making processes of Donna Sgro and Cecilia Heffer together for the first time. Fashion and textile practitioner, Donna Sgro exhibits new work which explores crafting the garment using her distinctive method called Dynamic Cutting. As a creative pattern cutter, Sgro makes one-off garments by hand, uniquely formed. Cecilia Heffer is a textiles practitioner combining teaching with research, art practice and curation. The exhibition will include her 100 Swatch Project which transforms shredded office documents into ethereal expressions of lace.


The exhibition will feature documentation of completed and uncompleted works by both practitioners, including photography, garments, textiles, drawings and journaling. The exhibition will reveal how the sensitised handling of cloth is core to both practices, and how various stages of making are represented in different mediums. The creation of new works will unfold in the gallery space, as making is performed piece-by-piece.


Details: Thursday 11 October – Monday 22 October,

Images: Donna Sgro and Cecilia Heffer, 2018. Photo: Lin Wei;  Donna Sgro, Fractured Garment, 2017. Photo: Lin Wei