Jesse Adams Stein, Paul Kay's workshop, 2019, Jesse Adams Stein

Make Do and Mend: Playful Design for Repair workshop with the School of Design, UTS

From trash to treasure, people respond differently to second-hand things, more so when they become broken, damaged or in need of repair. How might design play a role in changing perceptions and attitudes towards these materials? In complex times, can we make do and mend? This event brings together designers, object conservators and the general public for a hands-on workshop exploring playful design for repair. Facilitated by artist Kate Scardifield as part of a reparations archive being developed by the School of Design at UTS, Make do and Mend connects people through objects by re-seeing the disposable as something valuable. In this 4-hour workshop, practice-led approaches to repair will cultivate material agency and build material sensitivity with the aim to redirect our throw away culture. Participants are encouraged to bring an object– a damaged textile, a broken ceramic, a dishevelled book– to fix, to reimagine, or to completely transform. Thinking through making, knowledge exchange and playful material interventions are encouraged.

Details: Saturday 19 October, 12:30pm – 4:30pm. Bookings:

Images: Jesse Adams Stein, Paul Kay's workshop, 2019,. Photo:Jesse Adams Stein