Pod, Sally Blake

Knitted, woven, stitched and sewn

Eight different rooms and a courtyard. Eight artists working in different media, Robert Brain, Kirsten Fredericks, Sarah Edmondson, Paula do Prado, Jane Théau, Sally Blake, Kelcie Bryant Duguid and Mikaela Castledine. Every media from copper wire to painted gauze, from wool to weatherproof fibres will be exhibited while we have shown Robert Brain over 10 years, Kirsten Fredericks for 3 and Mikaela last year. We welcome the exciting newcomers whose work knitted, woven, stitched and sewn will fill our Gallery in October.

Details: Wednesday 2 October – Sunday 13 October


Images: Sally Blake, Pod. Photo courtesy of Maunsell Wickes Gallery; Jane Théau, Me Too. Photo courtesy of Maunsell Wickes Gallery