Bridget Kennedy Project Space workshop

Exhibitions and workshops at Bridget Kennedy Project Space

e v e r y - w h e n : Sensory displays of affection and alight is a multimedia installation by Michele Morcos on show between Thursday 20 September and Saturday 6 October. Join Michele Morcos for a free public event on Saturday 22 September 11am – 4pm, where she will be working on coil weaving and drawing projects in the gallery for the day. We will be talking about her work and giving demonstrations on the techniques and ideas that run through her multimedia art practice.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Michele Morcos will be holding a workshop Interwoven: creating coil woven forms using colour, texture and expressive movement. Details: Saturday 6 October, 12pm – 3pm; Cost: $110 including all materials.

Rethinking Value: The Essence of Time is an exhibition by Bridget Kennedy. In 2017, Bridget Kennedy spent a year coiling baskets. The participatory project explored notions of value and time. These vessels were then exchanged for the same amount of time taken to make them, or the currency that people valued time at. This exhibition showcases the results of those exchanges. Details: Wednesday 10 October – Saturday 13 October; Exhibition opening Wednesday 10 October 6pm – 8pm.

Images: Bridget Kennedy, Hands from A Year of Time, 2018. Photo: Bridget Kennedy; Michele Morcos, Creative Hands, 2016. Photo: John Mangila