Jeff Mincham

Ephemeris: Some Notes from the Natural World by Jeff Mincham, Master of Ceramics

“This exhibition represents a series of observations of the natural world, or at least the part of it that I am closest to. It is a world that explains itself slowly and often in surprising ways. Events, some barely noticeable and others intense and dramatic, make up the continuous rhythm of life, death, rebirth and regeneration. What seems to be random and accidental, even chaotic, is in fact a state of order gradually revealing itself. When these observations are recorded in form and image and evolved through the ceramic process, they acquire a unique expression of their own; conveying the complexity and uncompromising toughness of these bushland landscapes, yet engaging that sense of wonder that connects us to our natural world.” Jeff Mincham AM

Details: Sunday 24 September – Sunday 12 November


Image: Courtesy of Sturt Gallery and Studio