Photo of Mikio Toki - Image courtesy of the artist

Edo in the Sky: Traditional Kites of Japan

Get up close to colourful handmade Edo kites, a centuries-old Japanese kite design with roots tracing back to 1700s Tokyo. This exhibition features 40 kites of various designs crafted by master kite maker Mikio Toki.

Japanese kites are characterised by a flat, bowed, bamboo frame covered in traditional washi paper. The kite coverings are decorated with Sumi-e (ink) painting, using a mix of thick and thin brush strokes—methods reminiscent of Japanese calligraphy—and are often inspired by ukiyo-e prints and feature famous kabuki characters.

Details: Exhibition: Thursday 10 July – Saturday 12 October, Free

Ai-zome Indigo Dyeing Kids Workshop: Design and dye your own beautiful ai-zome pattern on a cloth to take home! Saturday 28 September; Session 1: 10:30am – 12pm; Session 2: 2pm – 3:30pm; Cost: $15 (booking fees apply)
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Tumi-isi Balancing Block Painting Kids Workshop: Paint your own tumi-isi wood blocks with traditional Japanese natural colour paints! Thursday 10 October; Session 1: 10:30am – 12pm; Session 2: 2pm – 3:30pm; Cost: $15 (booking fees apply)
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Images: Photo of an Edo kite in flight. Image courtesy of the artist; Photo of Mikio Toki. Image courtesy of the artist