Stitched Sketches Photo Lucy Leong

Directions, an exhibition by Working Cloth

Working Cloth textiles studio presents Directions, a multimedia exhibition in collaboration with composer and sound artist Alyx Dennison. The textiles will serve as artefacts of the maker. Lines drawn, stitched slowly as the story of a life. To pay homage to those who came before and those who will come after. To be reverent of the work of generations ­quietly stitching, quietly creating. In the spirit of utility, history, community, and beauty. To explore identity, ­a shared narrative pieced from separate fragments. To honour the silent voices unable to claim their participation.

Details: Exhibition: Saturday 7 October - Sunday 15 October, Opening Event: Saturday 7 October, 5pm – 7pm, Craft Up Late Hand-quilting workshop: 11 October, bookings online

Images: Stitched Sketches, Photo Lucy Leong