Melissa Carey Textile Workshop

Creative Workshops with Artist Melissa Carey

Melissa Carey is a local Sydney artist who creates contemporary art installations and sculptures, and loves to blur the lines between art and craft. She has a passion for teaching modern art and craft workshops across Sydney for kids and adults and encouraging creativity. Melissa will be holding a range of creative workshops during Sydney Craft Week as well as an open studio. 

Paper Sculpture Workshop: Friday 5 October 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Open Studio with FREE craft demonstrations (macrame, textiles, paper craft, etc): Saturday 6 – Sunday 7 October 10am – 4pm 

Textile Art Workshop: Monday 8 October 6.30pm – 9pm

Mindful Mandala Weaving Workshop: Tuesday 9 October 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Candle Making Workshop: Wednesday 10 October 6.30pm – 9pm

Craft Up Late Thursday Evening 11 October – Open Studio 6pm – 9pm


Images: Textile Art Workshop with Melissa Carey. Photo: Courtesy Melissa Carey.