Sky Carter colour_Craft Party Pom Bomb_Hannah Morgan Photography

Craft Party with Sky Carter Colour

Have you ever wanted to just wander into someone’s studio and have a play… all while drinking wine? For one exclusive night only, never to be repeated, Sky will let you come and PLAY with all her awesome bundles of yarn, fabric, tools, looms and another way-out things you can’t even imagine. Sky is a collector of delicious fibres and textiles (no, it’s not hoarding!) and wants to create a place for you to have a play and experimentation session. Make a Pom Bomb, a Mini Wall Hanging or just cut up stuff and go crazy. Make something with a friend or with your BAE. It’s the stuff of fantasies babes, so please come and play. Sky will be there to show you around her studio, and then the rest is up to your own incredible imagination.

Details: Thursday 17 October, 6pm – 8pm, Cost: $50,



Images: Sky Carter Colour, Studio Materials. Photo: Hannah Morgan Photography; Sky Carter Colour, Craft Party, Pom Bomb. Photo: Hannah Morgan Photography