Fibre - Made by Me Workshop

Cocoon by Made By Me Workshop

A series of five large-scale cocoons will be installed at Westfield Bondi Junction, each one made to celebrate and explore a different craft form, utilising different methods and materials. The cocoons will invite customers to disconnect from their busy world, relax and reconnect with themselves – they are a literal metaphor for mindful making.

We will also be hosting a week of craft workshops for both adults and kids in a dedicated space within the centre, please check details online.

We believe great things come from taking the time to craft something with your own hands, crafting is a form or meditation, it brings balance and connection but we also love seeing the joy that comes from crafting a beautiful one-of-a-kind object that only its maker could have made.

Details: Exhibition and workshops: Saturday 6 October – Friday 12 October


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Craft Up Late: Wine and Weave workshop, Wednesday 10 October, 6pm – 9pm, Bookings:

More information can be found on the Bondi Westfield event page here.

Images: Resin workshop materials. Photo: Courtesy of Made By Me Workshop;  Resin workshop participants. Photo: Courtesy of Made By Me Workshop.