A neuron, at Arterie

Citrus Stitch with Arterie at Lifehouse

Arterie will be hosting a special open studio in the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Foyer, Citrus Stitch, a new textile project incorporating crochet, knitting and beading techniques. Working in collaboration with "Neural Knitworks", patients, carers, their family and friends, and the wider community are invited to come along and knit or crochet woolly neurons. Patterns for neurons, including nucleus, the cell body, dendrites and an axon, will be provided, or you can design your own.

This project with collaborators Neural Knitworks has been designed by Pat Pillai and Rita Pearce and has previously been featured as part of National Science Week at the Hazlehurst Regional Gallery 2014; The Cambridge Science Festival 2018 and Arterie at RPA Hospital 2018.

Details: mylifehouse.org.au/services/complementary-therapy/arterie/


Images: Knitted neurons. Photo courtesy of Arterie