Michelle Perrett, Iris Garden, 2020. Image courtesy of Kerrie Lowe Gallery 2

Alchemy: an exhibition of Sculptural Ceramics

This exhibition demonstrates the exciting diversity in contemporary ceramics. The concept of Alchemy lends itself to this theme as we see the transformation of the base substance – clay – into myriad different forms by talented makers.

The ceramicist shows a mastery of the medium through construction by hand building or wheel throwing, the addition of colour and detail, and the choice of surface treatment. Examples in this exhibition are delicate floral gardens suspended on a wall, rambunctious magpies scrutinising visitors while serious schoolboys puzzle over small structures perched on many tiny legs. A totem of native flowers pays homage to Australian women artists alongside intricately painted porcelain creatures that might scuttle away at any moment. The fascination of the process and the passion of the artists combine to make ceramics a very special art form. We invite you to share it with us.

Details: Exhibition: Friday 2 October – Saturday 31 October, Monday – Saturday, 10am – 5:30pm, Thursdays open until 7pm



Ceramics, Change Makers, Community, Free event, Sculpture

Images: Lisa Hoelzl, Homage, 2020; Michelle Perrett, Iris Garden, 2020. Images courtesy of Kerrie Lowe Gallery