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UPDATE | Sydney Craft Week is now over for 2017. SAVE THE DATE FOR 2018!
Friday 5 - Sunday 14 October 2018.


Bringing together the creative diversity of Sydney’s contemporary craft community, the inaugural Sydney Craft Week runs from Friday 6 to Sunday 15 October 2017. An initiative of the Australian Design Centre, this ten-day festival celebrates the beauty of the hand-made and the pleasure of making. Not limited to one material or mode of making, the program features a range of exhibitions, workshops, talks and open studios. 


A Message from Lisa Cahill, Australian Design Centre

Humans have been making for tens of thousands of years – from basic necessities to objects of beauty and indulgence – it’s in our DNA. Mastering skills, wrapping our hands around materials and giving form to our creative ideas gives us enormous satisfaction.

Handmade is at the heart of what we do at the Australian Design Centre (ADC). For more than 50 years we have presented craft in all forms and supported makers and designers across the full spectrum of skill and materiality. ADC is just one part of an extraordinarily diverse eco-system of making in Sydney and this new event is our way of showcasing many of the city’s talented makers.

Sydney Craft Week is a celebration of Sydney’s makers. Whether it’s spinning, weaving, turning, soldering, cutting, stitching or hand building with fibre, clay, metal, glass, paper, timber, plastic or some other material, this week is about all of us who honour the human need to make.

Thank you to everyone in the craft community who has so enthusiastically embraced this idea. Big thanks to the ADC team for picking up this idea and making it happen with special mention of Penny Craswell who has taken a lead role; Kate Peterson for volunteering her incredible graphic design skills and time for the print and online guides; to all our sponsors and volunteers; and to Rachel Castle who created the beautiful artwork for the cover.

Sydney Craft Week has indeed been made by so many hands and is a true celebration of the diversity of making in this city. We think it’s a brilliant program and we invite everyone to join in the inaugural Sydney Craft Week.

Thank You

Thank you to all those who have played a role in creating this inaugural Sydney Craft Week 2017.

The Sydney Craft Week team at Australian Design Centre (ADC): Lisa Cahill, CEO and Artistic Director; Penny Craswell, Creative Strategy Associate; Kylie Walsh, Administration and Events Coordinator: Jo Jarosinska, Intern; Karina Glasby, Intern.

Our incredibly talented designers: Kate Peterson who donated her skills and time to design this guide and website, and Karen Kung who designed the Sydney Craft Week logo and identity during her internship early in 2017. Also Sydney ceramicist Milly Dent who generously allowed her images to be used in Sydney Craft Week marketing.

The ADC Team who found time in their already busy days to contribute so much to Sydney Craft Week: Meghan Hay, Financial Controller; Alix Fiveash, Communications and Development Manager; Fiona Pulford, Programs Manager; Larna Burgess Munro, Programs Producer; Lucy Simpson, Creative Producer; Diana Reed, Programs Coordinator; Lisa O’Hara, Programs Coordinator; Hana Hoogedeure, Programs Assistant; Julia Bowdler, Design Intern; Hannah Smyth, Communications Assistant.

Thank you to Interaction Consortium for supporting the development of the Sydney Craft Week website and to Digital Press for printing this guide.

Thank you to Rachel Castle for her beautiful work for the cover of this guide.

Thank you to Sydney Craft Week's advisors, many of whom provided testimonials in the print guide: Felix Gill, Vicki Grima, Marian Hosking, Liam Mugavin, Jeff McCann, Melinda Young, Bridget Kennedy, Julie Paterson, Raymond Scott, Stefanie Flaubert, Liz Williamson, Anna Grigson, Grace Cochrane, Keiko Matsui, Annalise De Lorenzo and Bic Tieu.

Australian Design Centre thanks Sydney’s incredible craft and design community for helping to make the inaugural Sydney Craft Week such a success and to all the lovers of handmade in this digital age for enthusiastically embracing all of the events and activities on offer.

Sydney Craft Week is an initiative of Australian Design Centre. ADC is a not for profit organisation showcasing and supporting contemporary craft and design. All donations big and small help us to continue to create opportunities like Sydney Craft Week and help support our exhibitions, events and touring programs.

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Image: Australian Design Centre at night